Even though I don't have my new camera as of yet, I have been asked to take pictures at
a friend's wedding.
I was more than honored, that someone thought of me, and seemed to like
my pictures.
It is very flattering to say the least.
She offered to pay me,
but as I am in no way a professional, I politely declined
but I am going to suggest a donation on her part.
Therefore there will be no pressure on either end. It does not mean however that I am not
nervous or will not be.
It will nonetheless be a learning experience.

Super excited and cannot wait for the BIG Day!!!

Lots of Love

Back...Slowly But Surely

So after being on somewhat of a hiatus for the past 3 years
and having sold my SLR, I find a void in my life.
Therefore I am going to slowly  start  getting back
into photography as a hobby. I am not going to try and "make money".
I am just going to have fun. Especially the few years I  have  had,
I really need it.

Instead of asking people that want  pictures  taken for a set amount,
I am going to only accept donations!!
I  will  have no pressure, and people neither.
It is weird taking money from  people you know.

I am back!!! Well almost anyway.
Stay tuned!!!!


Some Of My Work